Ask Away Sunday: Week 52


1. What was the most challenging thing that happened?

Health issues are always a challenge for me. It’s frustrating when I’m unhealthy and not able to get out of the house as much as I need to.

2. In what way did you grow emotionally?

I didn’t care quite as much about what people think of me, but I still need to improve on that.

3. What was the single best thing that happened this past year?

I became an uncle to my beautiful niece Melanie early in 2013.

4. What was your single biggest time waster in your life this past year?

Social networks.

5. What are you resolutions for 2014?

I’d like to become a more positive person. It’s easy to have the mentality that certain things are never going to work out for me, but I need to have more faith. So my resolution is to write down one positive thought or experience that I have each day in 2014 which will hopefully help me to focus more on the good aspects of my life instead of dwelling on the frustrating moments that happen in my life.


Ask Away Sunday: Week 51


1. How long have people been sending out Christmas cards?

The first Christmas card is thought to have been printed in England in 1843.

2. How did the custom of giving Christmas presents originate?

The ancient Romans gave each other gifts on the calends (first day) of January, and the practice spread throughout the Roman Empire. Eventually, Christians moved the custom to December 25th.

3. How did the word Yuletide originate?

The word Yuletide originated from the word Yule, which was recorded In Latin writings as early as A.D. 726 At that time, the form of the word was guili. Both terms refer to a 12-day pagan feast celebrated around the time of year that has come to be known as the Christmas season.

4. Where did the Christmas tree tradition come from?

It is generally agreed that the use of an evergreen tree as part of Christian Christmas celebrations started 400 years ago in Germany and spread to most of northern Europe by the 19th century.

Ask Away Sunday: Week 50


1. Are you social or anti-social?

It depends on the day and my mood. It can drive me crazy when people ask me a lot of questions just to be sociable and don’t care about my responses.

2. Name one thing you miss about being a kid.

Being able to see my friends more often in person

3. Name one thing you like about being an adult.

I like that I’m more comfortable around people that are older than me. I’ve enjoyed getting to know some people that I looked up to, when I was younger, better in recent years.

4. List one thing you wish you could change about yourself.

I’m too self-conscious. Using a wheelchair makes me feel like I’m a weird or strange person quite often which I need to work on.

Ask Away Sunday: Week 49


1. Do you prefer an artificial or a real Christmas tree?

I’m fine with an artificial tree anymore

2. Has Santa been good to you over the years?


3. Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?

No, I haven’t.

4. Do you prefer a white Christmas or a green one?

I like a white Christmas, but I wish the snow would be gone after that.

5. How many ornaments do you hang up on your tree?

Usually quite a few

Ask Away Sunday: Week 48


1. What do you like watching the most on television?

I like the Blacklist and I’m looking forward to American Idol.

2. Have you ever been high?


3. Would you like to give me my breakfast in bed?
Yes. I’m not a morning person though. So it couldn’t be too early.
4. Are you arrogant?
I don’t think so.