Church Calling


My current church calling, or assignment, is to be a 12-14 year old Sunday School instructor. I have enjoyed being able to teach the youth and to study more about the gospel. I’m grateful for the support of the other instructors as I’ve tried to become better at teaching the youth.

As part of my mission, I taught a class of Seminary students the Book of Mormon. I developed a love for teaching. It was inspiring to see how willing the kids were to help each other each day. I haven’t had the opportunity to be a parent yet and so it’s been fun for me to be able to see the growth in the people I have taught over the years. It’s very rewarding to feel like I’ve helped people to grow spiritually. I know that several of my church instructors have had a positive influence in my life from a young age which I am so grateful for.

I was also an Elders Quorum instructor, prior to this current Sunday School calling, and it was good to get to know the members of the Quorum better as I was serving as an Elders Quorum instructor. I’m grateful for the people in the Quorum who have been willing to help me when I’ve needed it and the support that I’ve received from the members of my church ward. I appreciate that my home teachers have also gone the extra mile to be my friend and to help my family as well. I’ve been reminded of the importance of serving others and trying to help people whenever I have an opportunity.


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