Last September, I decided to start volunteering to write blog posts for Journey to Diversity Workplaces which is a Canadian organization that is trying to raise awareness about disability issues, along with various other issues, that exist within workplaces. Volunteering has been a great experience and has made me feel more productive and useful to the world.

The founder of the organization has made volunteering such a wonderful experience as he’s gone out of his way to make me feel like he values my insights and the efforts that I’ve made to contribute to the Journey to Diversity blog. A few of my blog posts have even been used as the featured article in the organization’s monthly newsletter. I wasn’t expecting what I’ve written to have received such a positive reaction, or that I would receive recognition for my blog posts, but it’s such a good feeling to know that what I’ve written is making at least some difference in the world. I appreciate the encouragement I received from my friends that helped me to decide to write a personal blog since that was out of my comfort zone to try to write about my personal experiences and daily life.

I especially appreciate my friend Tara writing a post about how awesome my personal blog was supposedly going to be. Her kind words gave me the confidence I needed to write my first post. Blogging has provided me with better experiences than I could have anticipated when I started blogging several years ago.


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