Father’s Day


I gave my Dad the movie “Need for Speed” for Father’s Day this year. I also taught a youth Sunday School lesson that day on following counsel and it made me think of the advice that my Dad has given me over the years. My Dad’s always been willing to work hard and I appreciate that he’s taught me how to do several important things. Sometimes it’s easy to take it for granted that he’s always been supportive of me as I’ve tried to accomplish my goals.

As a kid I always looked forward to playing basketball with my Dad. He taught me how to basketball which helped me to develop a love for sports. I’d play basketball games with him after he got off work and he also would give up some of his free time on the weekends to play basketball with me for a few hours. I’m grateful to have so many good memories of playing sports with him and also of him taking me to sporting events.

When I was younger my parents expected me to complete chores that I could still do with my disability and they never allowed me to use my disability as an excuse to be lazy. They taught me to put my best effort into accomplishing my goals. I appreciate that my family was supportive of me as I tried to further my education and it’s meant quite a bit to me that they were willing to be there when I graduated from high school and from college. My Dad telling me about his work experiences and my stepmom talking to me about what she was looking for when she would interview prospective employees helped me significantly during my internship in New Mexico. I appreciate the support and encouragement from my Dad, my family, and my friends that has helped me to accomplish what I have so far in my life.


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