Close Friend Tribute Challenge: Jamie


Close Friend Tribute Challenge:
Close Friend’s name: Jamie
How we became friends: 7th grade. I thought Jamie was an incredible person.
Why we’ve stayed friends: Jamie’s been a very supportive friend to me. She’s an extraordinary person which inspires me to try to be a better person. Our friendship has helped me more than Jamie probably realizes and she’s still a very fun person to spend time with.
My Close Friend’s best qualities: Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Selflessness
Friendship Highlight: I’ve had so many wonderful memories with Jamie. I enjoyed being able to do some fun things with her before she moved away. I didn’t expect to miss her nearly as much as I did for awhile after she moved.
Why my Close Friend is like family: Jamie and her mom have always treated me well as if I was part of their family. Jamie’s become like a sister to me over the years and our friendship has been one of the highlights of my life.
Do you think you will be best friends forever?
I do hope that Jamie and I will continue to be close friends throughout my life.


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